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Hepatocyte paraffin 1 expression in human normal and neoplastic tissues: tissue microarray analysis on 3,940 tissue samples 1-gen-2004 Lugli, A; Tornillo, L; Mirlacher, M; Bundi, M; Sauter, G; Terracciano, L
The homeobox intestinal differentiation factor CDX2 is selectively expressed in gastrointestinal adenocarcinomas 1-gen-2004 Kaimaktchiev, V; Terracciano, L; Tornillo, L; Spichtin, H; Stoios, D; Bundi, M; Korcheva, V; Mirlacher, M; Loda, M; Sauter, G; Corless, Cl
Malignant gastrointestinal leiomyosarcoma and gastrointestinal stromal tumor with prominent osteoclast-like giant cells 1-gen-2004 Insabato, L; DI VIZIO, D; Ciancia, G; Pettinato, G; Tornillo, L; Terracciano, L
NY-ESO-1/LAGE-1 coexpression with MAGE-A cancer/testis antigens: a tissue microarray study 1-gen-2005 Bolli, M; SCHULTZ-THATER, E; Zajac, P; Guller, U; Feder, C; Sanguedolce, F; Carafa, V; Terracciano, L; Hudolin, T; Spagnoli, Gc; Tornillo, L.
Patterns of gene amplification in gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) 1-gen-2005 Tornillo, L; Duchini, G; Carafa, V; Lugli, A; Dirnhofer, S; DI VIZIO, D; Boscaino, A; Russo, R; Tapia, C; SCHNEIDER-STOCK, R; Sauter, G; Insabato, L; Terracciano, L
Prognostic and predictive relevance of microsatellite instability in colorectal cancer 1-gen-2005 Storojeva, I; Boulay, Jl; Heinimann, K; Ballabeni, P; Terracciano, L; Laffer, U; Mild, G; Herrmann, R; Rochlitz, C
Prognostic and predictive relevance of DNAM-1, SOCS6 and CADH-7 genes on chromosome 18q in colorectal cancer 1-gen-2005 Storojeva, I; Boulay, Jl; Ballabeni, P; Buess, M; Terracciano, L; Laffer, U; Mild, G; Herrmann, R; Rochlitz, C.
Abstract Chronic hepatitis C in childhood: an 18-year experience 1-gen-2005 Iorio, R; Giannattasio, A; Sepe, A; Terracciano, L; Vecchione, R; Vegnente, A.
Adaptive regulation of the ileal apical sodium dependent bile acid transporter (ASBT) in patients with obstructive cholestasis 1-gen-2005 Hruz, P; Zimmermann, C; Gutmann, H; Degen, L; Beuers, U; Terracciano, L; Drewe, J; Beglinger, C.
Loss of p16 protein defines high-risk patients with gastrointestinal stromal tumors: a tissue microarray study 1-gen-2005 SCHNEIDER-STOCK, R; Boltze, C; Lasota, J; Peters, B; Corless, Cl; Ruemmele, P; Terracciano, L; Pross, M; Insabato, L; DI VIZIO, D; Iesalnieks, I; Dirnhofer, S; Hartmann, A; Heinrich, M; Miettinen, M; Roessner, A; Tornillo, L.
Cystic lymphangioma associated with enteric duplication as a cause of recurrent vomiting 1-gen-2005 Quaglietta, L; Mastroianni, R; Miele, E; Esposito, C; Terracciano, L; Vallone, G; Staiano, A.
EphB2 expression across 138 human tumor types in a tissue microarray: high levels of expression in gastrointestinal cancers 1-gen-2005 Lugli, A; Spichtin, H; Maurer, R; Mirlacher, M; Kiefer, J; Huusko, P; Azorsa, D; Terracciano, L; Sauter, G; Kallioniemi, Op; Mousses, S; Tornillo, L
Inducible inactivation of Notch1 causes nodular regenerative hyperplasia in mice 1-gen-2005 Croquelois, A; Blindenbacher, A; Terracciano, L; Wang, X; Langer, I; Radtke, F; Heim, Mh.
High specificity of combined TRAP and DBA.44 expression for hairy cell leukemia 1-gen-2005 Went, Pt; Zimpfer, A; Pehrs, Ac; Sabattini, E; Pileri, Sa; Maurer, R; Terracciano, L; Tzankov, A; Sauter, G; Dirnhofer, S.
Tumours and tumour-like lesions of the liver 1-gen-2006 Goodman, Z; Terracciano, Luigi Maria
High incidence of EMMPRIN expression in human tumors 1-gen-2006 Riethdorf, S; Reimers, N; Assmann, V; Kornfeld, Jw; Terracciano, L; Sauter, G; Pantel, K
Downregulation of renal endothelin-converting enzyme 2 expression in early autoimmune diabetes 1-gen-2006 Ortmann, J; Nett, Pc; Celeiro, J; HOFMANN-LEHMANN, R; Tornillo, L; Terracciano, L; Barton, M
Fatal liver failure in an adult patient with acute lymphoblastic leukemia following treatment with L-asparaginase 1-gen-2006 Bodmer, M; Sulz, M; Stadlmann, S; Droll, A; Terracciano, L; Krahenbuhl, S
The HOX genes are expressed, in vivo, in human tooth germs: in vitro cAMP exposure of dental pulp cells results in parallel HOX network activation and neuronal differentiation 1-gen-2006 D'Anto, V; Cantile, M; D'Armiento, M; Schiavo, G; Spagnuolo, G; Terracciano, L; Vecchione, R; Cillo, C.
Overexpression of the receptor for hyaluronic acid mediated motility is an independent adverse prognostic factor in colorectal cancer 1-gen-2006 Lugli, A; Zlobec, I; Gunthert, U; Minoo, P; Baker, K; Tornillo, L; Terracciano, L; Jass, Jr
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