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The scintigraphy of somatostatin receptors in gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors | [La scintigrafia dei recettori per la somatostatina nei tumori neuroendocrini gastro-entero-pancreatici.] 1-gen-1997 Chiti, A; Spinelli, A; Bombardieri, E
New monoclonal antibodies directed against human epithelial receptors. 1-gen-1997 Maffioli, L; Spinelli, A; Castellani, Mr; Adobati, E; Negri, Drm; Mongioj, V; Chiti, A; Menard, S; Bombardieri, E
Axillary node metastasis detection in breast cancer with Tc-99m-sestamibi and In-111-pentetreotide 1-gen-1997 Chiti, A; Maffioli, Ls; Agresti, R; Spinelli, A; Savelli, G; Castellani, Mr; Giovanazzi, R; Greco, M; Bombardieri, E
Palliation of tracheobronchial malignant obstruction with metal stents in Emergency conditions 1-gen-1998 Spinelli, P; Cerrai, Fg; Spinelli, A
Bone lesion in a patient with transplanted liver for a metastatic carcinoid. The role of somatostatin receptor scintigraphy 1-gen-1998 Savelli, G; Chiti, A; Spinelli, A; Regalia, E; Mazzaferro, V; Castellani, Mr; Balzarini, L; Musumeci, R; Bombardieri, E
A case of metastatic axillary lymph nodes involvement from unknown primary cancer: Clinical usefulness of [Tc-99m]-sestamibi 1-gen-1998 Chiti, A; Di Nicola, M; Spinelli, A; Siena, S; Bregni, M; Savelli, G; Gianni, Ma; Bombardieri, E
Donor evaluation, donor risks, donor outcome, and donor quality of life in adult-to-adult living donor liver transplantation 1-gen-2002 Pascher, A; Sauer, Im; Walter, M; LOPEZ-HAENINNEN, E; Theruvath, T; Spinelli, A; Neuhaus, R; Settmacher, U; Mueller, Ar; Steinmueller, T; Neuhaus, P
Perspectives and drawbacks of minimally invasive surgery for hepatocellular carcinoma 1-gen-2002 Montorsi, M.; Santambrogio, R.; Bianchi, P.; Dapri, G.; Spinelli, A.; Podda, M.
Laparoscopic ultrasound staging of hepatocellular carcinoma 1-gen-2003 Montorsi, M; Santambrogio, R; Spinelli, A; Ceriani, C; Donadon, M; Moroni, E
Laparoscopic Spleen Preserving Left Pancreatectomy without Splenic Vessels Preservation 1-gen-2005 Montorsi, M; Bianchi, P; Donadon, M; Palmisano, A; Spinelli, A; Ceriani, C; Moroni, E
Liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma in cirrhosis: prognostic parameters 1-gen-2005 Benckert, C; Jonas, S; Thelen, A; Spinelli, A; Schumacher, G; Heise, M; Langrehr, J; Neuhaus, P
Survival and recurrences after hepatic resection or radiofrequency for hepatocellular carcinoma in cirrhotic patients : a multivariate analysis 1-gen-2005 Montorsi, M.; Santambrogio, R.; Bianchi, P.; Donadon, M.; Moroni, E.; Spinelli, A.; Costa, M.
The SlideReactor--a simple hollow fiber based bioreactor suitable for light microscopy 1-gen-2005 Sauer, Im; Schwartlander, R; Schmid, J; Efimova, E; Vondran, Fw; Kehr, D; Pless, G; Spinelli, A; Brandenburg, B; Hildt, E; Neuhaus, P
New ultrasound-guided surgical approach to liver tumors involving the hepato-caval confluence 1-gen-2006 Donadon, M; Palmisano, A; DEL FABBRO, D; Spinelli, A; Montorsi, M; Torzilli, G
Salvage hepatectomy after incomplete interstitial therapies for primary and secondary tumors 1-gen-2006 Palmisano, A; Donadon, M; DEL FABBRO, D; Spinelli, A; Montorsi, M; Torzilli, G
Role of contrast-enhanced intraoperative ultrasound during hepatectomies for hepatocellular carcinoma 1-gen-2006 DEL FABBRO, D; Donadon, M; Palmisano, A; Spinelli, A; Montorsi, M; Torzilli, G
The surgical approach for radiofrequency ablation of liver tumors 1-gen-2006 Schumacher, G; Eisele, R; Spinelli, A; Neuhaus, P
Influence of donor/recipient HLA-matching on outcome and recurrence of hepatitis C after liver transplantation 1-gen-2006 Langrehr, Jm; Puhl, G; Bahra, M; Schmeding, M; Spinelli, A; Berg, T; Schönemann, C; Krenn, V; Neuhaus, P; Neumann, Up
C4d in acute rejection after liver transplantation--a valuable tool in differential diagnosis to hepatitis C recurrence 1-gen-2006 Schmeding, M; Dankof, A; Krenn, V; Krukemeyer, Mg; Koch, M; Spinelli, A; Langrehr, Jm; Neumann, Up; Neuhaus, P
Surgical strategy for liver tumors located at the hepato-caval confluence 1-gen-2006 Torzilli, G.; Del Fabbro, D.; Palmisano, A.; Donadon, M.; Marconi, M.; Spinelli, A.; Montorsi, M.
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