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Biodistribution and imaging of FDG in rats with LS174T carcinoma xenografts and focal Escherichia coli infection 1-gen-2005 Kok, Pjm; van Eerd, Jem; Boerman, Oc; Corstens, Fhm; Oyen, W
Biodistribution of I-131-, Re-186-, Lu-177-, and Y-88-labeled hLL2 (epratuzumab) in nude mice with CD22-positive lymphoma 1-gen-2003 Postema, Ej; Frielink, C; Oyen, W; Raemaekers, Jmm; Goldenberg, Dm; Corstens, Fhm; Boerman, Oc
Can Antibody Galactosylation Be Used to Improve Radioimmunotherapy of Induced Peritoneal Carcinomatosis of Colonic Origin in the Rat? 1-gen-2009 Aarts, F; Hendriks, T; Eek, A; Oyen, W; Bleichrodt, Rp; Boerman, Oc
Combination therapy using gemcitabine and radioimmunotherapy in nude mice with small peritoneal metastases of colonic origin 1-gen-2006 Koppe, Mj; Oyen, W; Bleichrodt, Rp; Verhofstad, Aa; Goldenberg, Dm; Boerman, Oc
Comparison of a monomeric and dimeric radiolabeled RGD-peptide for tumor targeting 1-gen-2002 Janssen, M; Oyen, W; Massuger, Lfag; Frielink, C; Dijkgraaf, I; Edwards, Ds; Radjopadhye, M; Corstens, Fhm; Boerman, Oc
Consolidation therapy with intraperitoneal R1549 (yttrium-90-labeled HMFG1 murine monoclonal antibody) in epithelial ovarian cancer: A phase III trial 1-gen-2004 Oyen, W; Massuger, L; Verheijen, R; Seiden, M; Benigno, B; Lopes, A; Soper, J; Markowska, J; Vyzula, R; Lambert, H; Epenetos, A
Extraperitoneal leakage as a possible explanation for failure of one-time intraperitoneal treatment in ovarian cancer 1-gen-2007 Oei, Alm; Massuger, Lfag; Oyen, W
Feasibility of Carbidopa Premedication in Pediatric Patients: A Pilot Study 1-gen-2012 Lopci, Egesta; D'Ambrosio, Daniela; Nanni, Cristina; Chiti, A; Pession, Andrea; Marengo, Mario; Fanti, Stefano
Hyperthermia and fibrinolytic therapy do not improve the beneficial effect of radioimmunotherapy following cytoreductive surgery in rats with peritoneal carcinomatosis of colorectal origin 1-gen-2008 Aarts, F; Hendriks, T; Boerman, Oc; Oyen, W; Bleichrodt, Rp
Imaging expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in tumors with a radiolabeled anti-VEGF monoclonal antibody 1-gen-2008 Boerman, Oc; Scheer, M; Stillebroer, A; Stollman, T; Leenders, W; Oostenwijk, E; Ruers, T; Mulders, P; Oyen, W
ImmunoPET Imaging of Renal Cell Carcinoma with I-124- and Zr-89-Labeled Anti-CAIX Monoclonal Antibody cG250 in Mice 1-gen-2013 Stillebroer, Ab; Franssen, Gm; Mulders, Pfa; Oyen, W; van Dongen, Gams; Laverman, P; Oosterwijk, E; Boerman, Oc
Improved tumor targeting of radiolabeled RGD peptides using rapid dose fractionation 1-gen-2004 Janssen, M; Frielink, C; Dijkgraaf, I; Oyen, W; Edwards, Ds; Liu, S; Rajopadhye, M; Massuger, L; Corstens, F; Boerman, O
Interferons can upregulate the expression of the tumor associated antigen G250-MN/CA IX, a potential target for (radio)immunotherapy of renal cell carcinoma 1-gen-2003 Brouwers, Ah; Frielink, C; Oosterwijk, E; Oyen, W; Corstens, Fhm; Boerman, Oc
Intracavitary radioimmunotherapy to treat solid tumors 1-gen-2008 Aarts, F; Bleichrodt, Rp; Oyen, W; Boerman, Oc
Peptides for imaging infection and inflammation 1-gen-2003 Oyen, W; Boerman, Oc; Rennen, Hjjm; Corstens, Fhm
PET radioimmunoscintigraphy of renal cell cancer using Zr-89-labeled cG250 monoclonal antibody in nude rats 1-gen-2004 Brouwers, A; Verel, I; Van Eerd, J; Visser, G; Steffens, M; Oosterwijk, E; Corstens, F; Oyen, W; Van Dongen, G; Boerman, O
Pharmacokinetics and tumor targeting of I-131-labeled F(ab ')(2) fragments of the chimeric monoclonal antibody G250: Preclinical and clinical pilot studies 1-gen-2004 Brouwers, A; Mulders, P; Oosterwijk, E; Buijs, W; Corstens, F; Boerman, O; Oyen, W
Pretargeted immunoPET imaging of CEA-expressing tumors using a Ga-68 labeled peptide 1-gen-2008 Boerman, Oc; Sharkey, Rm; Chang, Ch; Rossi, Ea; Mcbride, W; Schoffelen, R; Oyen, W; Goldenberg, Dm
Pretargeted radioimmunotherapy of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: Best of both worlds? 1-gen-2000 Boerman, Oc; Oyen, W; Corstens, Fhm
Pretargeted Radioimmunotherapy of Prostate Cancer with an Anti-TROP-2xAnti-HSG Bispecific Antibody and a Lu-177-Labeled Peptide 1-gen-2014 van Rij, Cm; Frielink, C; Goldenberg, Dm; Sharkey, Rm; Lutje, S; Mcbride, W; Oyen, W; Boerman, Oc
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