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Nome #
Evolving notions on immune response in colorectal cancer and their implications for biomarker development, file de164a8f-24da-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 13
Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumours: The Role of Endoscopic Ultrasound Biopsy in Diagnosis and Grading Based on the WHO 2017 Classification, file de164a8f-2335-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 12
Determination of CA 19-9 antigen in serum and pancreatic juice for differential diagnosis of pancreatic adenocarcinoma from chronic pancreatitis., file de164a8f-254a-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 12
Comparison between 1.5 and 3.0 Tesla magnetic resonance enterography for the assessment of disease activity and complications in ileo-colonic Crohn's disease, file de164a8f-25cf-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 11
Review article: anti TNF-alpha induced psoriasis in patients with inflammatory bowel disease, file de164a8f-2e50-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 10
Differences and evolution of the methods for the assessment of microsatellite instability, file de164a8f-1f8e-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 8
Abdominal cocoon or idiopathic encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis : magnetic resonance imaging, file de164a8f-2672-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 8
Stenting of the proximal colon in patients with malignant large bowel obstruction: techniques and outcomes, file de164a8f-2040-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 7
Efficacy of a novel pancreatic enzyme product, EUR-1008 (Zenpep), in patients with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency due to chronic pancreatitis, file de164a8f-20ec-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 7
Short-term outcomes of laparoscopy combined with enhanced recovery pathway after ileocecal resection for Crohn's disease : a case-matched analysis, file de164a8f-2079-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 6
Bowel damage as assessed by the Lémann Index is reversible on anti-TNF therapy for Crohn's disease, file de164a8f-1ff7-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 5
Occurrence and significance of tumor - Associated neutrophils in patients with colorectal cancer, file de164a8f-2430-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 5
Nutritional parameters associated with prognosis in non-critically ill hospitalized COVID-19 patients: The NUTRI-COVID19 study, file de164a8f-2b07-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 5
Endoscopic mucosal resection for early colorectal neoplasia: pathologic basis, procedures, and outcomes., file de164a8f-2b66-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 5
Outcome of Sars-COV-2-related thyrotoxicosis in survivors of Covid-19: a prospective study, file de164a8f-1f50-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 4
Microsatellite instability and therapeutic consequences in colorectal cancer, file de164a8f-2593-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 4
Combined low densities of FoxP3+ and CD3+ tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes identify stage II colorectal cancer at high risk of progression, file de164a8f-3442-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 4
Tumor-associated macrophages and response to 5-flourouracil adjuvant therapy in stage III colorectal cancer, file de164a8e-e49b-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 3
Achalasia with dense eosinophilic infiltrate responds to steroidal therapy, file de164a8f-26f3-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 3
WallFlex colonic stent placement for management of malignant colonic obstruction : a prospective study at two centers, file de164a8f-2f4f-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 3
Unique role of junctional adhesion molecule-A in maintaining mucosal homeostasis in inflammatory bowel disease, file de164a8e-bcff-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 2
Activation of the VEGFC/VEGFR3 Pathway Induces Tumor Immune Escape in Colorectal Cancer, file de164a8e-c0e9-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 2
The lymphatic system controls intestinal inflammation and inflammation-associated colon cancer through the chemokine decoy receptor D6, file de164a8e-c6e4-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 2
Prognostic and Predictive Cross-Roads of Microsatellite Instability and Immune Response to Colon Cancer, file de164a8f-19a9-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 2
COVID-19 Digestive System Involvement and Clinical Outcomes in a Large Academic Hospital in Milan, Italy, file de164a8f-2375-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 2
Side-by-side comparison of next-generation sequencing, cytology, and histology in diagnosing locally advanced pancreatic adenocarcinoma, file de164a8f-2377-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 2
Bacterial sensor triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-2 regulates the mucosal inflammatory response, file de164a8f-25ce-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 2
The added value of impedance-pH monitoring to Rome III criteria in distinguishing functional heartburn from non-erosive reflux disease, file de164a8f-2610-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 2
Effects of immunosuppression on immune response to pneumococcal vaccine in inflammatory bowel disease : a prospective study, file de164a8f-2643-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 2
Heterogeneity of Colorectal Cancer Progression: Molecular Gas and Brakes, file de164a8f-26dc-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 2
Transoral treatment of Zenker diverticulum: flexible endoscopy versus endoscopic stapling : a retrospective comparison of outcomes, file de164a8f-26e6-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 2
Budesonide : teaching an old dog new tricks for inflammatory bowel disease treatment, file de164a8f-29b2-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 2
Efficacy and safety of biodegradable stents for refractory benign esophageal strictures: the BEST (Biodegradable Esophageal Stent) study, file de164a8f-2a4d-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 2
Endoscopic submucosal dissection in patients with early esophageal squamous cell carcinoma : results from a prospective Western series, file de164a8f-2db8-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 2
Pre-operative endoscopic ultrasonography can optimise the management of patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy with abnormal liver function tests as the sole risk factor for choledocholithiasis: a prospective study, file de164a8f-3074-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 2
Step-up and top-down approaches to the treatment of Crohn’s disease: early may already be too late, file de164a8f-32bc-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 2
Infliximab therapy inhibits inflammation-induced angiogenesis in the mucosa of patients with Crohn's disease, file de164a8f-3390-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 2
New insights into inflammatory bowel disease pathophysiology: Paving the way for novel therapeutic targets, file de164a8e-bceb-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Crucial role of the protein C pathway in governing microvascular inflammation in inflammatory bowel disease, file de164a8e-bcee-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Inflammation and coagulation in inflammatory bowel disease: The clot thickens, file de164a8e-bcef-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Review article: anti-fibrotic agents for the treatment of Crohn's disease - lessons learnt from other diseases, file de164a8e-bcfa-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Oral Beclomethasone: A Review of its Use in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, file de164a8e-bcfe-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Biological agents for ulcerative colitis : Hypes and hopes, file de164a8e-bfaf-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Calcium supplementation for the prevention of colorectal adenomas: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials, file de164a8e-bfc7-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Lymphatic endothelium contributes to colorectal cancer growth via the soluble matrisome component GDF11, file de164a8e-c5cc-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Ultrastructural localization of cholecystokinin in endocrine cells of the dog duodenum by the immunogold technique, file de164a8f-1ed3-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Costo sociale annuo della dispepsia funzionale dopo l'eradicazione dell'Helicobacter pylori : risultati di un'indagine in centri di endoscopia digestiva, file de164a8f-1ede-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
mTOR-Dependent Stimulation of IL20RA Orchestrates Immune Cell Trafficking through Lymphatic Endothelium in Patients with Crohn's Disease, file de164a8f-1ff9-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Fat-absorptiom and gastroenteric pH profile in postsurgical pancreatic insufficiency: Role of the association of H2-receptor antagonists with pancreatic enzymes, file de164a8f-1ffb-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
High efficacy of endoscopic submucosal dissection for rectal laterally spreading tumors larger than 3 cm, file de164a8f-200b-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Interleukin-6 receptor blocking with intravenous tocilizumab in COVID-19 severe acute respiratory distress syndrome: A retrospective case-control survival analysis of 128 patients, file de164a8f-22cb-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
MFSD2A Promotes Endothelial Generation of Inflammation-resolving Lipid Mediators and Reduces Colitis in Mice, file de164a8f-2436-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Autonomic nervous system dysregulation in irritable bowel syndrome, file de164a8f-24e2-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Serum DU-PAN-2 in the differential diagnosis of pancreatic cancer: influence of jaundice and liver dysfunction, file de164a8f-254e-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
CA 19-9 and diagnosis of pancreatic carcinoma, file de164a8f-2552-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Presence of twist1-positive neoplastic cells in the stroma of chromosome-unstable colorectal tumors, file de164a8f-2558-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Noncathartic CT colonography to screen for colorectal neoplasia in subjects with a family history of colorectal cancer, file de164a8f-25c6-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Preoperative magnetic resonance enterography in predicting findings and optimizing surgical approach in Crohn's disease, file de164a8f-25ca-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Early expression of the fractalkine receptor CX3CR1 in pancreatic carcinogenesis, file de164a8f-25d1-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Endoscopic submucosal dissection of early gastric neoplastic lesions : a western series, file de164a8f-25d3-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
The Role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Detecting Intestinal Fibrosis in Crohn's Disease, file de164a8f-2600-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Genetic and epigenetic alterations in primary colorectal cancers and related lymph node and liver metastases, file de164a8f-263f-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Nissen fundoplication after failure of endoluminal fundoplication: short term results, file de164a8f-26e2-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Impedance-pH reflux patterns can differentiate non-erosive reflux disease from functional hearthburn patients, file de164a8f-26f9-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Imaging Modalities for Perianal Crohn's Disease, file de164a8f-2790-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Common occurrence of multiple K-RAS mutations in pancreatic cancers with associated precursor lesions and in biliary cancers, file de164a8f-28ba-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Clinical experience with a new endoscopic over-the-scope clip system for use in the GI tract, file de164a8f-28fa-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Emerging biologics in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease : what is around the corner?, file de164a8f-29af-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Differential diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and chronic pancreatitis by a monoclonal antibody detecting a new cancer-associated antigen (CA 19-9), file de164a8f-2a91-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
VEGF-A links angiogenesis and inflammation in inflammatory bowel disease pathogenesis, file de164a8f-2c7d-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Brain cholecystokinin depletion in rats with acute liver failure, file de164a8f-2cac-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
Laparoscopic surgery in rectal cancer: a prospective analysis of patient survival and outcomes, file de164a8f-2d5b-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
CCK-1 receptor blockade for treatment of biliary colic: a pilot study, file de164a8f-321b-73f5-e053-d805fe0a7be4 1
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