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NG - Nigeria 282
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FR - Francia 172
IT - Italia 112
NL - Olanda 111
IE - Irlanda 96
SE - Svezia 84
DE - Germania 79
GB - Regno Unito 70
BE - Belgio 44
CA - Canada 40
TR - Turchia 22
EC - Ecuador 14
ID - Indonesia 12
IL - Israele 12
CN - Cina 11
IR - Iran 10
AU - Australia 9
PK - Pakistan 8
NO - Norvegia 7
SG - Singapore 7
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PT - Portogallo 5
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KR - Corea 4
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TW - Taiwan 4
VN - Vietnam 4
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RO - Romania 3
CL - Cile 2
CO - Colombia 2
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Singapore 2
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Southampton 2
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Taipei 2
Tokyo 2
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Winnipeg 2
Winter Springs 2
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Angerville 1
Athens 1
Auckland 1
Augusta 1
Barcelona 1
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Bogotá 1
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Nome #
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