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Description of Breast Morphology Through Bag of Normals Representation 6
"Evaluation of word embedding models to extract and predict surgical data in breast cancer","Sgroi, 6
Breast Shape Parametrization Through Planar Projections 5
Breast Shape Analysis With Curvature Estimates and Principal Component Analysis for Cosmetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery 5
Impact of contra-lateral breast reshaping on mammographic surveillance in women undergoing breast reconstruction following mastectomy for breast cancer 5
Skin-reducing mastectomy 5
De-escalation of complexity in oncoplastic breast surgery: Case series from a specialized breast center 5
The impact of immediate breast reconstruction on the time to delivery of adjuvant therapy: the iBRA-2 study 5
Hand-held laser scanner for 4-D anatomical surface modeling 4
Machine Learning techniques application to predict the quality of life degree in breast cancer patients 4
Formal analysis of the surgical pathway and development of a new software tool to assist surgeons in the decision making in primary breast surgery 4
Skin-reducing mastectomy with breast reconstruction and sub-pectoral implants 4
Three-Dimensional Digital Evaluation of Breast Symmetry after Breast Conservation Therapy 4
Conservative Mastectomies 4
International phase 4 validation of the EORTC patient-reported outcome measure (PROM) in breast reconstruction (BRR): evaluating the psychometric properties and clinical effectiveness 4
Surgical decision making in conservative mastectomies 4
Motion Compensation in Hand-held Laser Scanning for Surface Modeling in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 4
Wise pattern mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction by P. Prathap and R.N.L. Harland. The Breast 2004; 13 : 502-5 4
Improving aesthetic outcomes in mastopexy with the "autoprosthesis" technique 4
Experimental methodology for digital breast shape analysis and objective surgical outcome evaluation 4
What is the evidence behind conservative mastectomies? 4
Axillary surgery in breast cancer: the beginning of the end 4
International validation of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer QLQ-BRECON23 quality-of-life questionnaire for women undergoing breast reconstruction 4
Unusual clinical development of a right hepatic duct carcinoma in a patient with recurrent biliary acute pancreatitis. Case report 4
New Technologies for the Assessment of Breast Surgical Outcomes 4
Outcomes of bilateral mammoplasty for early stage breast cancer 4
Text mining and word embedding for classification of decision making variables in breast cancer surgery 4
Extra-projected implants as an alternative surgical model for breast reconstruction. Implantation strategy and early results 4
Oncoplastic breast reduction in conservative surgery 3
Comment on "US FDA Breast Implant Post Approval Studies. Longterm Outcomes in 99,993 Patients'' 3
Unambiguous analysis of woman breast shape for plastic surgery outcome evaluation 3
Therapeutic mammaplasty is a safe and effective alternative to mastectomy with or without immediate breast reconstruction 3
Management of ductal carcinoma in situ in the modern era 3
Oncoplastic Breast Consortium consensus conference on nipple-sparing mastectomy 3
How to optimize aesthetic outcomes in implant-based breast reconstruction 3
22 Cases of Breast Implant-Associated ALCL: Awareness and Outcome Tracking from the Italian Ministry of Health 3
Surface Area Measurement of the Female Breast: Phase I. Validation of a Novel Optical Technique 3
Hybrid breast reconstruction 3
Therapeutic mammaplasties: Full local control of breast cancer in one surgical stage with frozen section 3
Breast reconstruction with extra-projection medium size implants 3
M. Nava, G, Catanuto, G. Querci della Rovere's letter to the editor, Ref: Wise pattern mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction by P. Prathap and R.N. L. Harland. The breast 13, 502-5, 2004-authors reply 3
Reply: MBN 2016 Aesthetic Breast Meeting BIA-ALCL Consensus Conference Report 3
Effects of the Magnetic Resonance Field on Breast Tissue Expanders 3
Role of Mitomycin C in Preventing Capsular Contracture in Implant-Based Reconstructive Breast Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial 3
Comment on: Breast Implant Surfaces and Their Impact on Current Practices: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going 3
Is Breast Implant Associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma linked to textured implants? 3
Radiotherapy and breast reconstruction 3
Skin reducing mastectomy 3
How to prevent complications in breast augmentation 3
More evidence for implant-based breast reconstruction 3
Natural Language Processing to Extract Meaningful Information from a Corpus of Written Knowledge in Breast Cancer: Transforming Books into Data 3
Lack of Activation of Telomere Maintenance Mechanisms in Human Adipose Stromal Cells Derived from Fatty Portion of Lipoaspirates 3
Parametric Representation of Human Breast Shapes 3
Decisional pathways in breast augmentation: how to improve outcomes through accurate pre-operative planning 3
Visualized oncoplastic surgery of the breast I: inferior and medial quadrantectomy 3
Outcome of Different Timings of Radiotherapy in Implant-Based Breast Reconstructions 3
Oncoplastic breast consortium recommendations for mastectomy and whole breast reconstruction in the setting of post-mastectomy radiation therapy 3
De-escalating oncoplastic breast surgery 3
Nanotextured Breast Implants: Not a Solution for All Seasons","Nava, Maurizio Bruno 3
Reply to: Mortality Rate in Breast Implant Surgery: Is an Additional Procedure Worthwhile to Mitigate BIA-ALCL Risk? 3
International Expert Panel Consensus on Fat Grafting of the Breast 3
The evolution of educational events during the COVID-19 pandemic: the experience of G.Re.TA Foundation","Rocco, Nicola; Catanuto, Giuseppe; Masannat, Yazan; Nava, Maurizio Bruno 3
Different types of implants for reconstructive breast surgery 3
Nipple sparing subcutaneous mastectomy: Sixty-six months follow-up 3
Characterisation and prognostic value of colorectal adenomas using molecular genetic markers 3
MBN 2016 Aesthetic Breast Meeting BIA-ALCL Consensus Conference Report 3
Skin/nipple sparing mastectomies and implant-based breast reconstruction in patients with large and ptotic breast: Oncological and reconstructive results 3
Current knowledge and future perspectives in breast surgery: an overview 3
Quality of life after breast reconstruction-the BRIOS study 3
International multidisciplinary expert panel consensus on breast reconstruction and radiotherapy 3
Theoretical and practical knowledge curriculum for European Breast Surgeons 3
Reply: Role of Mitomycin C in Preventing Capsular Contracture in Implant-Based Reconstructive Breast Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial 3
Different types of implants for reconstructive breast surgery 3
Augmented reality for breast imaging 2
Breast implants failure: Correlation of explanted implants properties and patient's clinical data 2
An Unusual Case of BIA-ALCL Associated with Prolonged/Complicated Biocell-Textured Expander, followed by Smooth Round Breast Implant Exposure, and Concurrent Use of Adalimumab 2
Conservative mastectomies: an overview 2
A decision-making method for breast augmentation based on 25 years of practice 2
Breast conservation following neoadjuvant therapy for breast cancer 2
Clarification About "Expert Consensus on the Use of a New Bioengineered, Cell-Friendly, Smooth Surface Breast Implant" 2
Nipple Sparing Mastectomy as a Risk-Reducing Procedure for BRCA-Mutated Patients 2
A New Human-Derived Acellular Dermal Matrix for Breast Reconstruction Available for the European Market: Preliminary Results 1
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